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Precise Authoring Services engages freelance writers who can compose texts that are well researched, 100% original copy that are grammatically correct and delivered on schedule for the following categories.

SEO Web Content

Our writers compose web page content for our clients that is optimized for search engine crawlers, while enticing the page visitor to continue reviewing the products or services offered. The text must flow well, be captivating and provide factual information about the client's products or services.


Every client who places an article project with PAS has different requirements. Word count, topics, keyword saturation and format vary from one client to the next and even with various projects from the same client. Writers must be able to follow client's instructions implicitly, without error.

Press Releases

Almost all press releases follow a similar format acceptable for syndication over news wries and outlets. Authors must be able to construct newsworthy copy that is 100% original and plagiarism free while maintaining acceptable format parameters.Most PRs require at least 500 words and often must include quotations from the company's CEO, president or other corporate officer.


Our e-book clients come from every industry. The writer must not only to be able to compose 15-20+ pages of informative, well researched text, but must also follow the outline approved by the client.

Corporate Documents

The authors who take on work in this category usually have backgrounds in either the legal or Human Resource fields.This category includes items like employee handbooks, policy manuals, benefit summaries, corporate biographies, contractual agreements and almost all documentation operationally required by business and corporate entities.

Commercial Dialogue Scripting

Creative directors who produce commercial videos and film for large corporations and small businesses will engage PAS to take their conceptualization and develop the dialogue scripts for the actor's use during filming. Rewrites are included as part of the quoted fee and the writer must be able to work with teams of very creative and technologically savvy people.

For prospective writers, designers and artists

The Precise Authoring Services Team

Are you an expert in your field? Do you possess creativity and a passion for what you write or design? We are constantly searching for talent to expand our team. Why join our group?
  • Guaranteed payment to your PayPal account
  • Regular assignments
  • No need to constantly bid or search for work
The advantages to joining the Precise Authoring pool of talent will make living your passion possible!

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Article Writers

Whether you need 500 words or 2000, our staff of professional writers will consistently deliver a quality product that meets your specifications. Our authors can ensure that each article will include SEO if requested.


Our talented writing staff and our graphic layout experts will create an e-book that would rival any printed version for sale at a bookseller. If you want more than humdrum text, you have found your solution with Precise Authoring Services .

Graphic Layout/Design

Nothing makes great writing better, with the exception of adding fantastic graphics in an eye-pleasing layout. Whether you need a marketing brochure, mailer, e-book or newsletter , our fabulously gifted team can make your vision a reality.

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